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There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. You may choose between a monthly or annual plan. Quality Training Since Order Now. All Courses: Every course. One price. Multi-User: Group discounts. Every course. Group discounts. Lesson 2. Recovering Unsaved Documents. How to manage and share documents 2. Advanced editing features 4. Protecting and designing advanced documents 5. Applying advanced formatting and styles 6. Who this course is for: Anyone who uses Microsoft Word on a regular basis Teachers and students at School, College or Universities If you are a graphics designer, researcher, or a writer Increase productivity level at work Goals Learn advanced skills in using Microsoft Word Confidently work within the Word environment Prepare for the MOS: Microsoft Office Word Expert exam and Design and Manage advanced documents Become proficient with Mail Merge using Excel Spreadsheet Learn how to insert Citations and work with Bibliographies Proficiently work with templates, themes, building block, and styles Confidently work with table of contents, table of authorities, and indexes Prerequisites You need to have access to Word , however, most concepts taught also relate to Word and Worked with Microsoft Word for at least 6 months.

Introduction 2 Lectures. Course Introduction Managing Multiple Documents 5 Lectures. Preparing Documents 7 Lectures. Designing Advanced Documents 5 Lectures. Designing Advanced Documents – Part 2 2 Lectures. Creating Outlines 3 Lectures. Creating Advanced References 2 Lectures. Creating Advanced References – Part 2 4 Lectures. Lets show you this in action.

We would like to add a video of my favorite car, Porsche to our document. How do we do that?? Go to the insert tab and do the following:. Enter the video you are searching for and hit Enter. The popup enables you to search for videos on Bing or YouTube.

Moreover, you can add videos through the embed code in MS Word if you know it. Otherwise, you can search for the video you want and embed it in the Word file. This gives you the option to any of the billions of videos currently posted on YouTube.

There are multiple layout options which you can choose once the video has been added to the file. You simply have to click on File and select Print. You will see the Print Preview option there. Clicking on it will open the document in the Print Preview mode. In some instances, Microsoft Word will reduce the size of the document or font to show you a clear picture of how the printed version would appear. You can use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to increase the size if you are having readability issues.

Once again, you need to click on File and then select the Print option. When you do so, you will notice a counter asking you the number of copies you want to print of the document. This is pretty similar to the previous versions of MS Word so you should have much trouble understanding this. Simply select the number of pages you want printed and click on Print. Click the arrow at the top of the list of options to return to the original document.

Sometimes though, the printing needs in Microsoft Word are complex and require specific selections and settings.

For this, you should select the settings. Clicking on the dropdown box of Print All Pages reveals the options you have for selecting a certain part of the text, for instance only track changes and comments.

It still works! Even with the new and great features of MS Word , some people are still apprehensive about giving up Word or even in some cases. You can do so and enjoy the diverse features and updates which have been made to Word It is possible for you to open a Word document created using an earlier version in Word but only in compatibility mode. This is done to ensure the person who created the original document can still edit it if required in the older version.

Also, the layout and settings of the document remain intact. That means the font remains the same and other options as well even if you make changes. Of course, you can copy the entire text and paste it in a new Word document.

However, this would make it difficult for the person not using Word to view and edit the document. The ideal solution is to convince the people you are working with to switch to MS Word and enjoy the great features it brings to the table. Compatibility Mode.

Sometimes, you might require knowing the version. Currently Microsoft Word offers compatibility in four modes:. Here, you have to click on Check for Issues and then select Check Compatibility. Then, click on the Select Versions to Show. You can see the checkmarks which appear next to the various versions to determine which one was used for creating the original document.

These are some of the basic guidelines you need to follow when using Microsoft Word Like all things Microsoft, you will become better at it as you keep using it!

We hope you liked our Office Word training. This concludes the tutorial on Microsoft Word Microsoft Word There are different ways of customizing the Quick Access Toolbar. Manage Your Files This is an easy process. Here is what is looks like for this tutorial on MS Word Navigation Pane If you want to organize your documents in a proper way, the Navigation Pane is of great help for you.

Contextual Ribbon Tabs Some tabs will not be displayed directly unless your file requires them. Switch Views At the bottom of the MS Word window, you will see small boxes from which you can switch views.

Need Help? Press F1 if you need any help. Minimize the Ribbon The Ribbon can be minimized with a single click. Zoom In or Out You may want to zoom in or zoom out for better text readability.

Getting Started with MS Word Using Microsoft Word , you can get started by choosing the option that suits your writing and editing tasks the best.

Search for Online Templates If you want a variety of online templates, use the search box, type in keywords, and get templates online. Suggested Searches To make the template search easier for users, Microsoft Word has included additional words below the template search box.

Featured and Personal Templates Word provides a variety of templates for its users. Open Recent Files When you are short of time, it is still easy to access the documents you edited recently. Open Other Files You may want to have a look at previously edited documents for referencing purposes. Create a New Document If you do not want any templates to begin your work, you do not need to go through the entire process of starting your work. Sign In SkyDrive When you are about to get started and want documents you have saved online, sign in to your own SkyDrive account directly from Microsoft Word If you do not have an account, register free at Skydrive.



Microsoft word 2013 tutorial video free.Free Training Videos for Microsoft Office 2013


Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office are the most sophisticated and powerful versions of Office Microsoft has developed so far and there is a lot of demand for training materials to learn how to best use eord applications. Microsoft has thtorial some good basic tutorials to show you how to get started using Microsoft Office These short videos for every office product can be viewed online or downloaded and cover the basics steps to follow on how to get started using this latest version of Office.

Free Training Courses for Microsoft Excel Free Training Courses for Microsoft Word Free Training Courses for PowerPoint Free Training Courses for Access Free Training Courses for Outlook If you need a copy of Microsoft Office to get microsoft word 2013 tutorial video free manual de adobe audition cc 2018 free away, just download the free trials and they will work fully for 30 calendar days, which should be plenty of microsoft word 2013 tutorial video free to get through the classes.

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Microsoft word 2013 tutorial video free.Word for Windows training


Design and build tables for a database Access basics, part 1. Create table relationships Access basics, part 2. Create your first Access database.

Introduction to queries Access basics, part 3. Webinar: Intro to Access Dealing with read-only queries. Stop a query from asking for input. Use parameter queries to filter query results. Use update queries to change data in Access Query criteria 2: Using date criteria in queries. Add numbers in Excel. Basic math in Excel. Create a chart. Create your first Excel workbook. Freeze or lock panes. Top tips for working in Excel Online. Understand and use cell references.

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Import and export vCards to Outlook contacts. Make the switch to Outlook Make your job easier with Outlook. Reach out with contact groups distribution lists. Send or delete an email stuck in your outbox. Take calendars to the next level. Templates and stationery. Track email with read receipts. Use voting buttons to create or respond to polls.

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Archive or back up your mailbox. Password protect your mailbox. Share or publish your Office calendar. Use rules to manage your email. Webinar: Archiving items in Outlook. Apply and change a theme. Apply transitions between slides. Create speaker notes. Create your first PowerPoint presentation. Highlight text and change fonts. Print slides, notes, or handouts. Use Presenter view. Backgrounds in PowerPoint. Crop a picture to fit a shape. Group shapes or pictures.

Make the switch to PowerPoint Webinar: YouTube videos in PowerPoint. Webinar: Ways to avoid rebuilding PowerPoints over and over. Webinar: 5 steps to a better PowerPoint. Working with watermarks. Work with handout masters. Add a sound effect to a transition.

Add bullets to text. Add headers and footers to a presentation. Add sound effects to an animation. Animate pictures, clip art, text, and other objects. Create a flow chart.

Create an org chart. Create a template from a presentation. Design motion paths. Insert a bar chart. Insert a line chart.

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