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Read more. Studio Studio 1 Bath Sq. Apply Now View Details. One Bedroom 1 Bed 1 Bath Sq. View Details. Two Bedroom 2 Beds 2 Baths Sq. View more floorplans. Rent specials available at Parkview Towers! Special offers are valid for individual floor plans. Other fees may apply, please contact the property for details. If you are interested in renting a particular suite, you will be required to complete an online application.

As part of the application there will be a form regarding disclosure: Disclosure for Residential Tenancies. Select your ide al living space from our studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom Metrotown apartments for rent. Your new home brings the outdoors in, with stylish flooring and expansive windows. Open the sliding glass door and step out onto your oversized private balcony, where you can entertain friends and family, or unwind overlooking the breathtaking mountain vistas.

Parkview Towers has a wide array of amenities, including the convenient on-site fitness centre, well-equipped with weightlifting and cardio equipment to help you stay active, without going far. Receive community updates, submit service requests, contact management, make payments, post to our community bulletin board, and so much more.

Apartment Amenities Blinds included in every suite. High-end quartz countertops. Luxury wood-style plank flooring. Oversized, BBQ-friendly private balcony. Spacious and bright suites. Spectacular city and mountain views. View all apartment amenities. Community Amenities Easy access to schools and employers.

Electric vehicle charging station. View Details. Listed by Parkview Towers. Available Listings Nearby. No nearby listings found. See more apartments for rent in:. Marlborough Burnaby. About Hazel St. Located in Marlborough. There are currently 0 units listed for rent at Hazel St on Zumper. Street View. Visit for floor plans and additional information and pictures. At Bentall Kennedy, Our Foundation is Service — which means, the comfort and satisfaction of our Residents is always the top priority and we strive to ensure that both you and your home are well taken care of.

E-mail or call today for up-to-the-minute availability and to book your private tour of Parkview Towers, a friendly place to live. Parkview Towers is located in the heart of Burnaby in Metrotown, 5 minutes walk from Metropolis mall and Metrotown skytrain station. Fridge, stove,dishwasher, range hood, heat, hot water, a storage locker, and bike lockers are included in the rent. Laundry rooms are located on the basement level.


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Any Baths. Any bathrooms. Bachelor Apartment Condo Apt. Burnaby Apartments for Rent. RentCompass ID: B Street View. Rental is no longer Available.

Find other rentals in the area. Any Bedrooms. Any Baths. Any bathrooms. Bachelor Apartment Condo Apt. Burnaby Apartments for Rent. RentCompass ID: B Street View. Rental is no longer Available. Image and Narrative, X, 2, 25 , Nabokov and Play. Critical Inquiry Truth in fiction: A reexamination of audiences. Glimmers of Shelley in John Shade\’s Verse.

The two author-figures—Shade and Kinbote—struggle to continue their narration s by reconstructing their selves through and into language, for they know that end of discourse brings their nonexistence. Nabokov\’s Pale Fire as a postmodernist piece of writing is no exception.

Death is of high interest to Nabokov and his novel has been read as an allegory of death and writing. Foregrounding of the literary techniques or different ontological boundaries is an undistinguishable feature of a postmodernist novel, and a foregrounding that cannot be ignored in Pale Fire is that of the relationship between death and writing.

The present study is an attempt to explore the relationship in detail taking into consideration McHale\’s point that \”life is equated with discourse, death with the end of discourse and silence. What will be discussed is the fact that through narration and providing the reader with such a lengthy and sometimes impertinent commentary, Kinbote tries, to quote Sukenick, to \”filibuster … fate\” , p.

What Kinbote wishes to do is reconstruction of his self through language and capturing an identity other than Charles. Waugh states that \”postmodernism represents the dissolution of the self into language\” and Kinbote desires to dissolve his self into his writing to create a new identity, evade Shade\’s fate, and filibuster his own death.

What Kinbote does is creation of a long commentary which is an attempt to \”articulate\” his \”subjectivity\” , p. As a refugee from death, Kinbote seeks a shelter—New Wye—and a new identity to be confirmed through his self-conscious act of narration and commenting on Shade\’s poem.

The Foucauldian relationship between writing and death is a dominant theme in Russian metafiction. One hypothesis regarding Shade and Kinbote is that Shade\’s poem is Kinbote\’s biography and Kinbote is Shade himself commenting on the poem to continue the narration and go beyond death.

In this case Shade\’s poem becomes a means of Kinbote\’s survival. What is noteworthy here is Shade\’s obsession with the idea of death. The obsession pushes Shade into writing his poem which becomes a means of experiencing death by getting in touch with what has occupied his mind for a long time.

Therefore, the poem changes into a quest, a \”lifelong quest to discover what lies beyond the self, especially in the ultimate, all-resisting secret of death, and to make what he can of life in the face of the uncertainty of death\” Boyd,, p. Thus, if Shade and Kinbote are ontologically not taken as two different figures, the poem becomes the starting point of a narration which is continued by the commentary resulting in Kinbote\’s extension of life.

Shade or the egotistic Kinbote obsessed with the idea of death has had a near-death experience and starts composing his poem to protect and immune himself against it. Poetry in Shade\’s hands changes to a weapon by which he tries to conquer death and shape it into his own language—discourse of survival. At the close, Shade sets his unfinished poem back on the shelf awaiting the sunset.

The silence turns the sunset into the sunset of his life making the end of his narration the end of his existence. Shade, then, becomes projected into Kinbote who has to continue the discourse if he wishes to stay alive. Boyd believes that \”Kinbote has been feeding Shade the story of the king\” , p. Shade, being obsessed with the idea of his daughter\’s suicide and his own mortality, composes his poem based on death and this motif foreshadows later events.

Shade has been struggling to understand life and death, life and the hereafter, life and what may lie beyond it. His attempt is reflected in the opening lines of the poem where he is likened to \”the waxwing\” flying into \”the false azure in the windowpane; … in the reflected sky\” ll. The waxwing seems weak for the window reflecting the sky which indicates what lies beyond life. Shade in these lines projects himself, imaginatively, into the waxwing, as if it were still flying beyond death and into the reflected azure of the window, as if that were the cloudlessness of some hereafter, even as he stands looking at \”the smudge of ashen fluff\” of the dead bird\’s little body.

These opening lines suggest that Shade\’s poem is going to be an evasion of the hereafter, or an exploration of death. The death motif introduced in canto one continues into canto two where Shade begins his quest of \”the inadmissible abyss\” while he knows that he cannot be paying-off in his quest of finding out about death and he is helpless in his confrontation with the mystery of death which foreshadows his own death.

Shade knows that his poem cannot continue and will stop at a line to mark his disappearance. In canto three, Shade who recollects memories from the past is beyond life: the canto refers to Shade\’s near-death experience, a vision of afterlife where life may be peaceful and a continuation of the life on earth which is again an indication of Shade\’s obsession with death and his desire to conquer it.

Desperate in his need, Shade tries to see behind life the ability to do which comes through his art. Canto four confirms Shade\’s poem as the only way of dealing with death, and poetry as the only way of understanding life. No wonder this canto begins with \”now\” in which Shade tries to remain. This \”now\” is the now of his composition which seems the only way of survival.

Through his composition, Shade even realizes the harmony between sounds of the poem and the order in the world. Shade sets the poem on the shelf awaiting the sunset which changes into the close of his life.

Failing to conquer death and before he breaks off, the only achievement seems to be, through art, the celebration of his everlasting love for Sybil and Hazel to the point that even after his death he wants to keep the memory of every detail of his life in his poem. McHale believes that \”every ontological boundary is an analogue or metaphor of death; so foregrounding ontological boundaries is a means of foregrounding death, of making death, the unthinkable, available to the imagination\” , p.

Shade\’s approaching the hereafter is a trespassing of ontological boundaries and he believes that \”the uncertainties of death can be accounted for institutionally\” Belletto, , p. Shade imagines transcendence, and through art wants to manage death. By imagining, he is able to possess and control the hereafter. McHale states that \”postmodernist writers have attempted to imagine transcendence, filibustering fate even beyond the supposedly ultimate limit of death itself, they project discourse into death\” , p.

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Hazel Street in Metrotown,. View all MLS listings, historical values & trends at Hazel St, Burnaby BC. About Hazel Street, TH5. You can find Hazel St in the area of Burnaby. Other sought-after neighbourhoods near this property are Metrotown, Deer Lake, South Slope, and Green Tree Village, and the city of New Westminster is also a popular area in your vicinity. Hazel St, Burnaby is nearby from Starbucks for that morning caffeine. Hazel Street is a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment in Burnaby, BC. Search for other sublets, houses and apartment rentals in Burnaby, then use our bedroom, bathroom .


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