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Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Convert, reparent, list, and update branches. Clone, Diff or Dump build definitions.

Manage build process templates. Modifies Team Explorer client connection settings. Create a team project. Get only the changes in a particular changeset.

Pend adds, edits, deletes to writable files. Query for work items. Ensure source control and the local disk are identical. Search for changesets matching specific criteria. Delete files and folders not under version control. Unshelve into workspace with pending changes.

Undo changes to unchanged files in the workspace. Create, update, or view work items. Test Attachment Cleaner. The execution of a Test Run whether automated or manual generates a bunch of diagnostic data, which may be captured either automatically by the system or manually by the tester. In Visual Studio , the database administrator has little or no control over what data gets attached as part of Test Runs. For example, she has no policy settings to limit the size of the data capture, or how long to hold the data before initiating a cleanup.

This tool addresses these issues by:. Determining which set of diagnostic captures is taking up how much space AND. Reclaiming the space for runs which are no longer relevant from business perspective. Windows PowerShell Cmdlets. This tool provides a Windows PowerShell interface that supports basic version control commands and a pipeline and glue to enable scripting. If you try to enable the. Please see this KB article on that subject.

It adds the following checkin policies:. Sign in. Power Tools are a set of enhancements, tools, and command-line utilities that increase productivity of Team Foundation Server scenarios. If you have an older version of Visual Studio or Team Foundation Server, please visit the download center. A Visual Studio add-in, located under the Tools menu.


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Runs everywhere Hundreds of programming languages supported. Visual Studio for Windows. Professional Enterprise Highlights Free for individual use Code faster, test, debug, deploy any app from one place Visual Studio built-in features empower full development cycle. Learn more How to install just what you need Get started with Visual Studio Start coding using tutorials. All Downloads. Search all downloads. Older Downloads. Visual Studio Express. TE Enhancements. Team Members. Commands broken out in rows below:.

Varies by command. The exception to this rule is the Windows extensions, where as a limitation of the operating system, the most recent version you have installed will always be used.

If you were using an old version of the check-in policies PowerTool and plan to upgrade your Team Foundation Server and PowerTools to the version, your changeset comments, work item associations, and code analysis check-in policy should continue to work, as long as you were using a compatible version of Visual Studio Visual Studio , Visual Studio , Visual Studio or Visual Studio Sign in. Power Tools are a set of enhancements, tools, and command-line utilities that increase productivity of Team Foundation Server scenarios.

Support for Visual Studio Express Visual Studio Express editions are now supported with the exception of the following features: addprojectportal, addprojectreports and createteamproject. It adds the following checkin policies: Policy Description Custom Path Policy This policy scopes other policies to specific folders or file types Forbidden Patterns Policy This policy prevents users from checking in files with fobidden filename patterns Work Item Query Policy This policy allows you to specify a work item query whose results will be the only legal work items for a check-in to be associated with Process Template Editor A Visual Studio add-in, located under the Tools menu.

Storyboard Shapes This tool enables you to create shapes for the PowerPoint storyboarding add-in with custom resize logic. Team Explorer Enhancements This tool provides additional Visual Studio menu options and functions to support finding files under version control by status or wildcard, opening a folder using File Explorer from the Source Control Explorer context menu, and labeling files and folders in Source Control Explorer.

This tool addresses these issues by: 1. Determining which set of diagnostic captures is taking up how much space AND 2. Windows PowerShell Cmdlets This tool provides a Windows PowerShell interface that supports basic version control commands and a pipeline and glue to enable scripting.

Windows Shell Extensions This tool provides integration with Windows Explorer and the common file dialogs. Compatibility Matrix The following table explains how to decide which version of each PowerTool to use and where to install it.

Customizations If you were using an old version of the check-in policies PowerTool and plan to upgrade your Team Foundation Server and PowerTools to the version, your changeset comments, work item associations, and code analysis check-in policy should continue to work, as long as you were using a compatible version of Visual Studio Visual Studio , Visual Studio , Visual Studio or Visual Studio Once you click on the \”Download\” button, you will be prompted to select the files you need.

File Name:. Date Published:. File Size:. System Requirements Supported Operating System. Install Instructions Choose one of these installation options: Install over the Internet: On this page, choose the Download button. Select the. To install now, choose the Run button.

Use matching server version [3] []. Install only highest client version []. Install on server, match server version [4]. You can alternatively choose to author your markdown files using a desktop editor. From the home hub, select the welcome view and click on Edit to start editing the readme.

In the toolbar at the far right corner, you\’ll see the Show Content Preview icon. Click on the preview icon, the welcome page will now be rendered using the markdown:. Click on the Save icon to check in the readme. TFS supports common markdown conventions and GitHub-flavored extensions.

To simplify creating and editing markdown content, Team Foundation Server lets you link to other markdown files through both absolute and relative paths. When markdown is rendered as HTML, all headings automatically get IDs, so you can link to the headers by using the following convention [text to display] heading id. TFS also allows you to refer to a markdown page that does not yet exist; the engine is smart enough to give you the option to create the page when you click on the referred link.

You can use the following format in markdown to do so: [new page]. Collaborating is key to the success of any project delivery. While there are lots of ways to collaborate with your Team members, it is very difficult to track those conversations back to the context of the work. TFS offers a collaboration hub called Team Room and that makes tracking work, project updates, and Team collaboration easy.

In this recipe, you\’ll learn how to create, set up, and use a Team Room. Permissions required: Project Administrators groups can create and administer Team Rooms that they\’ve created. Team administrators can only manage Team Rooms for Teams they\’re administrators of. The Team Room has the same name as the name of the Team. From the top panel, click on the Rooms tab, this will navigate you to the Team Room\’s hub.

In this page you\’ll see a list of all available Team Rooms. A Team Room is created along with the creation of a Team Project:.

Click on the New button to create a new Team Room. Enter the name as FabrikamShipRoom. Click on the Manage events From the Code changes tab, add a Team Project. You also have an option to select if you want all changes or changes specific to the users in the Team Room.

Click on the Manage users To commit your changes click on Save :. Increase Team productivity by discussing work in progress, asking questions, sharing status, and clarifying issues that arise. Your Team Room provides an area for fostering and capturing communication among Team members, both near and far. Team Rooms are not scoped to a Team Project collection, so you can track multiple projects in a Team Room.

Team Rooms allow you to see conversations by date, to see historic conversations, click on the left arrow in the top bar in the Team Room. You can alternatively select a date from the calendar. The build events : When any of the following build definition is complete, an event will appear in the room indicating the status of the build. Code changes : When code is pushed or checked into one of the following Team Projects, an event will appear in the room.

You can opt to scope this to just members in the Team Room or anyone. Pull requests : When a pull request is created, approved, rejected, or completed in one of the following repositories, an event will appear in the room.

As you can see in the preceding screenshot, since the FabrikamShipRoom has a subscription for Work Items an alert gets published in the Team Room when product backlog ID 1 is created.

The Team collaborates to figure out the root cause and fixes the issue. By clicking on the audio icon on the right panel, you can optionally mute and unmute the sound on new messages in the Team Room.

Team Rooms can be renamed. It is also possible to delete a Team Room. However, once a Team Room has been deleted, it is not possible to recover the Team Room or any conversations from the Team Room.

You\’ll see the Rename and Delete option in the context menu by clicking on the left of the Team Room name from the left panel in the Team Room hub. Interested in seeing which Team Rooms are most vibrant? The most recently accessed Team Rooms show up in the Team web access landing page. It is possible to manage Team Room permissions at a granular level.

Choose Security Both Chat and Administer permissions can be set to Allow or Deny from here. By setting the chat to Deny you limit the user to being a read only participant in the Team Room. As your software evolves, at times you may find that the Team Project name you chose at the outset doesn\’t quite lend itself to the purpose of your project any more. TFS now allows you to rename a Team Project. While the product has made it very simple to rename a Team Project, it is still a very disruptive process.

In this recipe, you\’ll learn how to rename a Team Project and also go through the nuances of how to do so and what to watch out for when renaming a Team Project.

A Team Project Rename updates all of your version control paths, Work Items, queries, and other Team Project artifacts to reflect the new name. Team Projects can be renamed multiple times and older names can be reused as well. It is recommended to perform this action during off hours to minimize any impact.

Things to consider are as follows:. If individuals in the Team are using local workspaces then it is recommended to upgrade to Visual Studio update 5 or Visual Studio release candidate or newer to have the workspaces auto corrected for them at the next get.

If they continue to use an earlier version of Visual Studio, then they will need to shelve any pending changes, create a new workspace, and unshelve their changes. On the left where the project name and description for the project are listed, you can click on the project name textbox to amend the name:. You will receive a project rename warning message. Please read the warning message carefully and make sure that the users of the Team Project are aware of the rename.

When a Team Project is being renamed, any browsers with the Team Project opened may encounter some errors. These errors are due to caches held by the browser, which include the old Team Project name. The dialog will show the status. Click on Close once the rename is complete. Any default artifacts created in the Team Project get renamed along with the project if they share the same name as the Team Project.

This includes artifacts such as the default Team, Team Room, and Git repository. In this section, we\’ll focus on actions that need to be performed by the Team once the Team Project rename has been completed. Restarting the editor : The editor you used to connect to the Team Project needs to be restarted.

Updating query-based test suites : Unlike Work Item queries, query-based test suites are stored differently and can\’t update the Team Project name after rename.

If you have any query-based test suites, open those suites in the browser and update the queries to use the new Team Project name. The old project name is still present until caches are updated with the new name. The reporting and SharePoint server administrator can manually run these jobs to immediately populate the new name. A Team Project name can\’t be reused if there are still workspace mappings addressing it.

This is done to avoid the ambiguity case where a workspace can be mapped to two projects. You will need to reach out to the users that have these mappings and either delete them or update them to use the new name. As a Team Foundation Server administrator, you\’ll find yourself creating Team Projects over and over again. A Team Project is a container that can host multiple Teams and simplifies sharing of various artifacts such as processes, master backlogs, build definitions, and code artifacts.

More often than not, you\’ll find that a new Team Project has been requested in ignorance simply because the requestor doesn\’t fully understand how multiple Teams can be accommodated in a Team Project. It is always beneficial to have a conversation to fully understand why a new Team Project has been requested. In this recipe, you\’ll learn how to script the creation of a new Team Project using the command line.


Download Microsoft Team Foundation Server Power Tools from Official Microsoft Download Center.Download Visual Studio Tools – Install Free for Windows, Mac, Linux


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