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Then you pick them off one by one. That is the best way to approach combat in this game. Most places where bad guys gather seem to have multiple places to strike from. Once during this playtest I hid Bats under a grating in the floor, letting him pop up behind a thug to deliver a silent takedown, before zipping up to a gargoyle. From this vantage point I watched as fearful confusion spread among Joker\’s goons, before swooping down onto them.

In terms of plot, environment, atmosphere and all that sort of gubbins, we\’re certain Arkluim Asylum will satisfy all but the most nitpicking of fanboys. But hold back from soiling your official Batman duvet in fevered anticipation just yet, and wait until next month\’s review when you\’ll see our final verdict on Rocksteady\’s effort. As A Rule of thumb, superhero games are, almost without exception, complete rubbish. We\’re talking the officially licensed ones here, not stuff like Freedom Force or City of Heroes.

You know, ones that have often have \”The Game\” tacked on as a subtitle. Would Batman : Arkham Asylum have been as good if it was riding the back of a big movie license? We\’re not sure, but we\’re glad it isn\’t, because, freed from any restrictive release schedule, Rocksteady have been able to craft what is perhaps the greatest superhero game ever made. You can stop mopping that brow, as the long months of worrying have come to an end.

The game does have problems, but this is a game that has been made by people who genuinely care about the source material and have taken great delight in cramming as much as they possibly can into a great game. There\’s hundreds of items to find and riddles to solve that perfectly complement the main game. There\’s the argument that the main game could be a little thin if you took out all the extraneous trappings, but we don\’t subscribe to that viewpoint.

The game starts with old Bats delivering the recaptured Joker to Arkham Asylum – the Gothic mansion-turned-sanatorium where Gotham City\’s most ghastly and diabolical villains reside, all of whom harbour some sort of grudge against Batman. Actually, it\’s mainly the same grudge – he beat them up and dropped them off in the madhouse. Once at the Asylum, Joker is strapped to a gurney and wheeled along by some guards, Batman following close behind. As an initial setup to stoke up atmosphere, it works very well.

Of course, everything starts to go hideously wrong, Joker escapes and Batman is forced to make up for the inept Asylum security staff and save the day. We won\’t spoil the plot from here on in, but it does take some twists and turns as it develops.

Most importantly, it always feels like a proper Batman story, which, given that it was penned by Paul Dini of Batman: The Animated Series fame, isn\’t surprising at all. Above all, it\’s engrossing and makes you want to see what the next twist is. Building an atmosphere around this storyline was perhaps the most important task the developers had to face, maybe even more so than the actual gameplay.

In this they have undoubtedly succeeded, creating a rich, varied world for the player to explore. The game is based on the Unreal Engine 3, so things can look a bit plasticy at times, but the Asylum\’s architecture is impressive, the levels are full of off-the-beaten-track areas to explore, and frame rates are consistently impressive, even when in the big outdoor areas or when playing on mediocre systems. As for sound, this is perhaps the most impressive element.

The voice talent for the game is excellent, with particular praise heading in Mark Hamill\’s direction for his superlative performance as the Joker. Batman is as dry and monotone as ever, of course, and the villains certainly steal the show, as they\’ve always done. This is where things get a little more complicated. The temptation is to look past the combat and focus purely on the storytelling and the main bulk of the game, but that would be doing you, the reader, a disservice.

Certainly, if a reviewer were only to play the early stages of the game, combat wouldn\’t really be a major issue for him or her to deal with. But once you start getting into the meat of the game, it does become a problem. On paper, it must have looked great, though. It works in a similar way to The Witcher\’s melee system, as in it\’s all about timing your attacks to chain combos that do great damage Get up to eight consecutive hits and you open up once unlocked in the Upgrades section throws and other extra moves.

The problem is that the animation gets in the way, especially when you\’re trying to block an attack. Sometimes Batman will leap to strike an enemy, but this animation will be so long that even if you time a block effectively, you\’ll be struck.

Later on, when you\’re facing massive groups of thugs all at once, this can get intensely frustrating. There\’s definitely something to be said, just like in The Witcher, for attempting to time your clicks, but when things get frantic, it\’s sorely tempting to just hammer the left mouse button and hope for the best Boss battles aren\’t much better either, with the usual arbitrary way of killing big monster trope in effect.

Really though, other than this there\’s not much wrong with the gameplay, and it\’s also important to note that this only affects the big -and rare – mob-style combat. When fighting smaller groups you can time your blocks and attacks more effectively and everything flows better. There are also the numerous sections where you\’re advised to use stealth and cunning to pick off enemies.

These are the best bits, combat-wise, with later situations requiring you to plan what the best way to eliminate the threat is. The theory is that there are often multiple methods available to achieve this goal, but it\’s an illusion of freedom. Yes, you can crawl under the floor gratings and take someone down from below, but often they just spot you before you have the chance. If you have the patience, spectacular room clearances can be achieved.

Most of us will just settle for glide kicks and hanging from gargoyles and stringing thugs up by the feet. The gameplay also feels perfectly at home on the PC. Pleasingly, you don\’t have to shove the mouse sensitivity up to extreme levels because the game was designed solely with pads in mind. There\’s also no \”Press Right Trigger to perform this action\” nonsense when using the mouse and keys either. Everything feels smooth and natural, enabling you to zip about from ledge to ledge with impressive fluidity.

This is crucially important, because one of the most enjoyable parts of the game is completing the Riddler\’s challenges. There are number of extra-curricular activities to partake of in Arkham Asylum, most of which involve the tried- and-tested-to-boredom idea of collecting tokens that lie about in hidden and not-so-well-hidden places. For some reason that I can\’t fully explain, I thoroughly enjoyed hunting down all the Riddler trophies small green question marks that litter each area of the game.

As well as these, there are audio logs referring to various villains and the creator of the asylum – Amadeus Arkham – which help those who aren\’t knowledge about Bat lore better understand what\’s going on. You will have to move around the sinister Gotham City mental hospital getting rid of hordes of enemies on each level, using all the technology and knowledge that make Batman so incredible.

Delve into a world of darkness and violence that can only be thwarted by a hero, that has to avoid that all the criminals manage to escape. Enjoy the first levels of the game with the gloomy demo of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Download Batman: Arkham Asylum Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Requirements and additional information:. Latest Games Loading Batman: Arkham Asylum. Download Game Setup.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a action-adventure video game. It was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Eidos Interactivewe. The Batclaw gadget is used to grasp the object and-and also grab the enemies. The Cryptographic Sequencer gadget is used to override security panels, open new paths, or disable various asylum functions.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum – PC Full Version Free Download.Batman: Arkham Asylum PC Game – Free Download Full Version

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Batman arkham asylum game free download for pc

Once the player emerges onto the island he can freely explore the game world, although some areas remain inaccessible until certain milestones in the main story. Al-Qadim: The Genies Curse. The opponents will be much smarter this time. Download Here. Once the player emerges onto the island he can freely explore the game world, although some areas remain inaccessible until certain milestones in the main story. The Agency has also arrived in Gotham to combat the pact with its director, which will cause the trouble for both Bruce and Batman. If you come across it, the password is: online-fix.

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