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The program randomly hangs and does not respond to keystrokes or mouse clicks. The freeze can happen anytime; it does not matter what operation I perform or whether I am using a smart object, adjustment layer or saving. The program randomly freezes.

I use Windows Task Manager to end the task. I followed all the advice I could find about checking my graphics card compatibility, allocating more memory, starting the program without the filters loaded, etc, etc and none of those solutions solved the problem.

I may have found something that will helps. I changed the setting to every 1 hour, and the problem did not re-occurred. Usually, for my work, I manually save my file after having done a lot of work, and that usually happens in less than one hour.

I then went back and unchecked the Automatically Save Recovery checkbox. After doing that, I exited the program, and then restarted the program. The freeze has not reoccurred. If this change does stop the problem, it probably means that there is a bug in the code that does the automatic backup. Does the problem go away? This seems to have worked. Is there a bug fix being worked on? What exactly did this disable? Thank you.

Jeffrey, I do not use that tool. These are installed as separate plug-ins or filters. I do not notice any relationship or correlation to the freeze up and using those tools or using Topaz Labs filters. One way to rule them out, just in case, is to hold down the shift key on launch and click \”Yes\” when it asks if you want to skip loading optional plug-ins.

It may help if we could see your Photoshop System Info. Thanks again, Jeffrey, but I did that before posting this bug. It had no effect on the problem whatsoever. As you requested, my Photoshop System Information appears below.

But first, you should know that I have not had this problem for a couple days now. Photoshop seems to be working. I don\’t know if I am just lucky or if something cleared itself. Anyway, here is the system info. Adobe Photoshop Version: Alias Layers: Disabled. Modifier Palette: Enabled. Highbeam: Enabled. Intel R Integrated Performance Primitives.

Color Conversion. Core Library. Computer Vision. Image Processing. Signal Processing. Vector Math. Accented Edges Analog Efex Pro 2 2.

Home Screen Loaded 5. CC Libraries Panel Prepared 3. Photoshop In App Messaging Loaded 2. Photoshop Personalization Loaded 2. Photoshop Selection Feedback Prepared 0. Plugins Panel Prepared 1. Neural Filters Registered 1. New Document 3. Jeffrey, after posting my last comment, this morning the freeze up happened several times. So the problem is not solved. As an ex-programmer, it seems like there is an unitialized variable somewhere in the code I notice you have two cards.

I had to add Photoshop and Sniffer to the list. The settings in Photoshop were already set to the NVidia card before the change. I also followed step 8 in the link you provided and using Windows Device Manager, disabled the onboard, less powerful graphics processor. I included two images for you to view. I thought I posted a reply. Just in case something went wrong, here it is again. I also followed step 8 and disabled the lesser graphics processor in Windows Device manager. When I disabled the lesser graphics processor in Windows Device manager as suggested in step 8, all hell broke loose.

Things began to misbehave in my regular Windows programs other than Photoshop. I had to re-enable using the onboard, lesser graphic card. Even after doing this, I noticed Photoshop was once agrain freezing. It was repeatable for a while in that I would duplicate the background layer, change it to a smart object, run the Nik filter Analog Efex Pro followed by using the Camera Raw filter. I stopped using Nik\’s Analog Efex Pro and the problem disappeared for a while.

Later in the day I again used Analof Efex Pro without incident. There is also another thing that I did. I do not believe the problem is solved. And again, the seemingly random nature of the problem \”smells\” like an unitialized variable.

Also in thinking about the problem, I noticed the freeze up problem a short time before Photoshop was released. I am not sure how much before the release, maybe several weeks. And just to reiterate a statement from the very beginning post, I do not have any problems with any other software on this computer; only Photoshop. The images are from a program name Speccy. And i notice some different behaviour from the one related above.

In my case it freezes everytime i open, but only after a few seconds 30 sec. And the last strange behaviour i notice it is the fact that right after photoshop freezes, i tried to close in task manager but it does not appear there, i have to close the window of task manager and re-open , and then i shows up, and then i can force to close the process.

In the end we really need a set of steps, if there is any additional steps you may think will help please let us know. Daniel Presedo, thanks for looking into this. First, I disabled the autosave and the freeze still occurs, so while the freezing is reduced in frequency, it still happens.

I will need another day to experiment with your other suggestions. There is one thing I did today that stopped the freeze-up at least for the last few hours. I used a program, JV16 Power Tools to clean my registry and remove a bunch of temp files. I won\’t know whether this permanently fixed the problem or just coincidentally fixed it for the time being until I have used the program more.

My photoshop freezes everytime i open it, not only when i do it trough lightroom! Adobe Support Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Show only Search instead for. Did you mean:. Photoshop Freezes Unexpectedly on Windows Ken Curtis. Follow Report. Community guidelines. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting.

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Adobe photoshop lightroom 5.4 serial number free.Adobe Lightroom

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